Tiger Marine with Hypalon from ORCA

Tiger Marine with Hypalon from ORCA

Because Tiger Marine develops robust RIBs, they also use the best materials. For its pontoons, the Egyptian boat builder has chosen ORCA fabric – or Hypalon.

Hypalon fabric is commonly used to make advanced products in the marine industry. And because it is very durable, withstands direct sunlight better than PVC, the material is often chosen for the most robust and the most expensive RIB boats.

Hypalon is the brand name for CMS (Chlorosulfonated Synthetic Rubber) or chlorosulfonated synthetic rubber developed by the company DuPont. However, DuPont stopped using Hypalon in late June 2009.

CSM or Chlorosulfonated Synthetic Rubber is a synthetic rubber based on polyethylene. It is an elastomer and a thermoset material. CSM is known for its excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, sunlight and abrasion.

ORCA fabric is the brand name for CSM products that Orca has been developing since 1924. The link between Hypalon and ORCA fabrics is that they are both CSM materials.

Due to its exceptional mechanical properties, ORCA is used in the production of rigid inflatable boats, collapsible kayaks, floating platforms as well as whitewater rafts that are constantly submerged and exposed to sunlight, high and low temperatures at the same time. Furthermore, ORCA fabric can be used in many industries that require a high level of quality in terms of resistance to wear and chemicals. It can, for example, be used as a unique roof membrane due to its good impermeability.